Who are we?

Who are we?

F rom humble beginnings back in 1991, our skills, experience and expertise has grown exponentially culminating in the design, creating and building of luxury havens for the discerning owner. Our global experience has included building a zoo in Taiwan right through to manufacturing and selling theme-park products in the USA.

We are truly global having lived in the USA and Taiwan, to visiting suppliers across the world and importing only the best of the best for our projects.

A Harley-Davidson’s CEO once argued that they sold an experience, and the bike just happens to be a fundamental part of that experience. He is quoted as saying:

What we sell is the ability for a 43-year-old accountant to dress in black leather, ride through small towns and have people be afraid of him.

John Russell ~ Harley Davidson

And this sums up how we at Global Property Developers operate. It is not about the incredible designs, solid construction or the immaculate attention to detail in the décor. It is all about the experience of the luxurious environment, the gorgeous African experience and the closeness of nature at your fingertips. Words fail in trying to explain how it feels, you have to experience it to truly understand.

Our Services and Speciality

Our services span literally from beginning to beyond the end

Design • Building Contractor • Interior design and furnishing • Project Management • Co-ownership development • Co-ownership management and support

The fusion of best of the world imported products together with the best local materials to provide an unforgettable experience

Flooring • Quartz stone • Furniture • Linen • Light fitting • Sanitary fittings

Construction Services

S afety, quality, and a commitment to customer satisfaction are the hallmarks of the construction services at Global Property Developers. As part of every project, we focus on innovative approaches that can save our clients time and money. Our experience in completing projects both large and small has made us a leading provider of themed environments. Global Builders has been a leader in innovative thinking worldwide.
W e have developed a reputation for quality, safety and reliability. Our client relationships are established on years of trust, open communication, and a mutual desire to complete projects safely and with the highest degree of quality. We have searched the globe for the best of breed products and methods to ensure we create an experience beyond measure and a luxury lodge that has been built with pride.

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