FAQs (English Version)


1What am I buying?
You are buying an undivided share in the land and property. When buying your undivided share, you become a co-owner together with the other purchasers. The undivided share in the land/property is registered in your name in the deeds office, and you will receive a title deed in respect of your undivided share. Your undivided share confers on you the right to use and enjoy the lodge and facilities in accordance with a time-share calendar.
2Is it the same as buying a share in a share block company?
Often time-share schemes are structured on the basis of a share-block company that owns property or properties. Purchasers acquire a share in the company, but they are not land owners. There are risks inherent to such a scheme, such as the liquidation of the company and the attachment of the properties. Ditholo and Mabalingwe are different as you become a co-owner of land. Moreover, unlike in the case of a share in a share-block company, it is possible to register a mortgage bond over an undivided share in land
3Who determine the levies
The levies are determined by the co-owners collectively at the annual general meeting, and will include the Ditholo/Mabalingwe Home Owner's Association levies, municipal rates and taxes, weekly cleaning services, DSTV, home and vehicle insurance, maintenance and any other services that the co-owners may have agreed on. The co-owners may employ the services of a management company if they so choose.
4How often can I use the lodge?
The use and occupation of the lodge is determined in accordance with a time-share calendar that calculates the use and occupation ten years in advance. Each co-owner of an 10% undivided share can enjoy the lodge 5 to 6 times a year. A co-owner of a 10% undivided share will have a week to enjoy the lodge every ten weeks. The weeks rotate annually so you don't get the same weeks each year. A week runs from a Wednesday to a Wednesday.
5What happens to my investment when I pass away?
You co-own the lodge in undivided shares. Your undivided share forms an asset in your estate, which can devolve on your heirs in terms of your will.
6Can I earn an income by renting the lodge out?
According to the co-ownership agreement, co-owners can generate rental income when they are not able to use the lodge.
7Does the lodge include a game viewing vehicle?
Yes, the lodge comes with a game viewing vehicle to use on certain terms and conditions.
8How will I, and my family, benefit from this purchase?
Your lifestyle will improve. Relationships with friends and family will strengthen and will leave you with lifetime memories. You will co-own an undivided share in a lodge valued at R5-6 million and enjoy this luxurious home every tenth week for 10% of the overall purchase price.