20th April 2017

Win-a-Weekend in Ditholo winners!

    And the winners are…   1st Price – a weekend in a 4 bedroom lodge in Ditholo: Barry Stuart 2nd Price – a weekend […]
14th February 2017

Sounds of the African Bushveld

With all the noise, movement, lights and stress that most of us experience in the cities where we live, I often sit down and imagine myself […]
25th November 2016

An African Christmas Tree

Long before the advent of Christianity, plants and trees that remained green all year had a special meaning for people in the winter. Just as people […]
13th November 2016

Give me an African Christmas

For most of us an even though we live on the dry continent of Africa, have this picture of a ‘White Christmas’. We have the Coca-Cola […]
8th November 2016

Rob Peter to pay Paul

Growing up as a young child in the 60’s I remember that Peter and Paul featured often in expressions my mom used. One of the first […]
28th October 2016

Dis ń feit soos ń koei

With only three tenses, Afrikaans is not only one of the easiest languages to learn, but it’s full of hilarious phrases that should exist in English. […]
26th October 2016

“Shrimp that fall asleep are carried away by the current.” (Colombian proverb).

Simply translated, this Colombian proverb means: Don’t get left behind. “You snooze, you lose”. This is not new to us; it is quite likely the mantra […]
10th October 2016

Offline is the new luxury

Have you ever experienced any of the following? Feelings of panic, fear, and uneasiness. Problems sleeping. Cold or sweaty hands or feet. Shortness of breath. Heart […]
28th September 2016

A Cock-and-bull story

A True Story? The attractive English historic market town of Stony Stratford is located near Milton Keynes on the old Roman road of Watling Street. During […]
27th September 2016

Burn the candle at both ends

In you have ever studied or more accurately in the case of this author ‘crammed’ before exams, this expression rings only too true. Staying up day […]
26th September 2016

A bird in the hand (is worth two in the bush)

A ‘bird in the hand’ some folk would say this is a proverb and others that it is an idiom. Oh the eccentricities of the English […]
12th September 2016

Too good to be true?

Because there are so many scams and charlatans out there, when a truly great opportunity comes around we think it just has to be too good […]